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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Ghost Hunter of Chicago

Ursula Bielski is a fixture on the Chicago ghosthunting scene. Founder of Chicago Hauntings, she leads highly acclaimed ghost tours, writes an increasing array of books on supernatural folklore and paranormal in the city, organizes conferences, and much more. She's been writing and lecturing for nearly 20 years, and is recognized as a leading authority on Chicago ghost lore and cemetery history.

Her beginnings are similar to many a paranormal enthusiast. She grew up in a haunted house, and joined her father on journeys around the city to cemeteries and other places steeped in ghost stories and encounters. She studied history at Benedictine University and American culture and intellectual history at Northeastern Illinois University, studying in particular the Spiritualists of the 1800s and the phenomena of parapsychology research.

Her tours and her books cover an astounding array of haunted sites in Chicago, including Wrigley Field, the Congress Hotel, the St. Valentine's Day Massacre site, Dillinger's Alley, and the Maxwell Street Police Station, in addition to historic cemeteries in the area.

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