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Friday, January 25, 2008

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Hi my paranormal lovers friends. Now everything about paranormal,paranormal activity,paranormal research,paranormal investigators,paranormal investigations,paranormal investigation,paranormal investigator,paranormal phenomena,paranormal news,paranormal radio,the atlantic paranormal society,ghost,paranormal pictures,atlantic paranormal society,ghosts,paranormal videos,ufo,ghost town,ghost pictures is in your hand.Here I have compiled the latest paranormal phenomena all in one paranormal post. Happy creepy reading. Paranormal Phenomena
Paranormal talk roundup
What the blogs are talking about this week: ? Another Bigfoot Sighting in Wisconsin - Craig Woolheater: An alleged Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, sighting on Highway 63 just south of Seeley on...
Nightshift Ghost
"I am a home healthcare provider for the developmentally disabled and am currently working in a house that has to be haunted," writes Veronica. "Our client normally goes to bed...
In Search of Victorian Ghosts - feature article
America's Old South is rich in history, folklore, and tales of lingering spirits. David Dominé, who lives in an old Victorian house in the Old Louisville Preservation District, has roamed...
News - Pyramid Chambers, Milky Rain, Tales of Ghosts
Top story: New scans reveal cavities beneath the pyramids Plus: ? Strange milky precipitation ? What is the future image of Bigfoot? ? Pilgrims witness miracle light ? The flying humanoids and liminality ? Wright-Patterson tales...
Lady in Blue, Oak Island, 2007 Predictions
Some interesting links I've found this week: ? The Strange Tale of the Lady in Blue ? Of all the tales of lost treasure, ghosts, inexplicable lights, apparitions, and disappearances across...
Paranormal Research Society of North America
The Paranormal Research Society of North America (PRSNA), is located outside of Pottstown, Pennsylvania. They like to investigate claims of paranormal activity without the use of psychics or psychic tools like divining rods, Ouija boards and the like. They search for a scientific explanation of things that may be called hauntings.
Visit the PRSNA website if you have some unusual happenings that you would like investigated with scientific accuracy or if you would just like to learn more about this group.
International Ghost Hunter’s Society
Well, if you’re going to give a shout out to a ghost site, this seems like a perfect place to start.
The International Ghost Hunter’s Society site, run by Dave & Sharon Oester has more bells and whistles than you can shake a stick at. (How’s that for a bunch of metaphors!). If you are looking for an informative site that offers quite a bit- EVPs, a variety of courses in paranormal investigation, photos and a veritable pleothera of books, this one’s for you.
Dave Oester is also a Reiki master, so check out the course he teaches on this interesting form of spiritual healing.
Daily Shout Out Launch
I’ve decided to incorporate a daily shout out to ghost sites that seem to give you the most bang for your buck. You don’t have to be the best site on the Internet to get a shout out, just have an easy to read website.
So, let the fun begin!
Self-Publish Your Ghost Story
I just wanted to let everyone in on a new website that you can earn Google revenue on. Check out Public Bookshelf. New authors can choose whether to get an offer of an upfront payment of projected revenues as well as residual payments for their books, or they can just earn Google revenue without an upfront payment.
If you have a great ghost story, or any other type of story that you’d like to earn a little money on without dealing with vanity publishers, check it out. (Can’t hurt, might help!)
Entity Seeker
Hi folks, I just wanted to give a shout out to Entity Seeker. Located in Alberta, Canada, they are a resource for people that would like a paranormal investigation. Their website is:
They’ve also come out with a new book on the paranormal, Coffee with the Dead. I haven’t read it yet, but I’ll do a book review if I can locate a copy!
New Ghost Articles in January
Check out our new articles this month as well as our new YouTube page for Ghost videos!
Ghost Trains- find out about this ghostly phenomena that occurs around the world
Tarot Cards- the basics on this psychic tool
A Ghost Town in Eastern Europe- Chernobyl’s Legacy
We hope you enjoy these articles as much as we did. We also hope you find some interesting and entertaining videos on the YouTube video page we set up. Enjoy!
January 11, 2008
Good afternoon all you late risers! We’re off and running this month after we implemented some changes to become more visible on the Internet. I’m glad to see so many new visitors have checked us out; hopefully we can create lots of new content to keep everyone coming back.
Our goals over the next three months include adding lots of new stories and informational articles. To that end, anyone who would like to submit an article for publication may do so at This includes any photos that you would like to submit that go with the articles. Your byline will be included unless you request us not to!
Of course, you are welcome to share your photos and stories on this blog. After all, that is why we created it!
Don’t be shy, drop on by and share your ghostly or other paranormal experiences!
Charlotte Gerber, Editor
Looking for Writer’s Forums?
Just because you like to hunt ghosts doesn’t mean you don’t also write about them or have the desire to do so. I found some interesting writer’s forums for ghost writers (and mystery/horror writers), and though I would share them with you this week. A few even have interesting contest give-aways too!
Vampires/Horror - for writers of vampire and horror stories
An Cumann Siceach - for writers of the paranormal and psychic novels; both fiction and non-fiction
Tragedy Writers -this forum has a prize give away this month
I’ll be on the lookout for new forums as I surf the web and share new finds in December!
Supernatural - Paranormal, ESP, Occult
Ghost Hunters Goes for Season 4
Ghost Hunters, SCI FI’s popular reality series, will return to the Channel for an exciting fourth season. America’s favorite paranormal plumbers, Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, will deliver 13 episodes of spine-tingling investigations when the show returns next year. Upcoming episodes will feature the intrepid Ghost Hunters exploring a chilling range of bizarre occurrences that [...]
my new plaid pants
Must See Paranormal Activity
I don't really understand why the first-person shot, "found footage" movie gimmick a la Cloverfield is suddenly all the rage now, eight full years after The Blair Witch Project - my pal Sean considered the YouTube effect way back here - but I like it, as long as it works (as Cloverfield obviously did for me). I keep hearing the same effectiveness said of the Spanish first-person horror flick [REC] (which I prev. mentioned here), and now (without even getting around to mentioning Romero's latest and The Poughkeepsie Tapes) there's this movie called Paranormal Activity (no IMDb page yet, it's only shown at a couple festivals, but here's an article on the writer/director), which is apparently to ghost stories what Cloverfield is to giant monster movies.Or that's how Moriarty at AICN sells it, and since of all the writers at AICN I agree with him the most often, I'll take his high recommendation with equally high expecations. Here's the trailer below via YouTube; check out Moriarty's take on the flick itself here.
..Here's the film's website, and here are links to a few reviews:
VarietyDread CentralBloody DisgustingFearNet
Everybody seems to love it. No idea when it will get a real release, but I'll most certainly keep my eyes peeled....

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