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Friday, October 24, 2008

Halloween Ghost Stories, Scary Halloween E cards, Spooky Thrills E cards

Halloween Scary Ecards
Halloween Ghost stories and viewing of Halloween Horror movies are common fixtures of Halloween Nights
It's Halloween! Whether you want to scare your friend silly, trick or treat or wish all your friends and family a very Happy Halloween, this Halloween site can help you reach out with spooktacular Halloween E-cards, Halloween Greeting Cards and Halloween Cards and add a little zing to your boo day!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Scary Halloween Stories, Creepy Ghost Stories, Halloween Horror

It's the time for Scary Halloween and what is a scary Halloween without scary Halloween ghost stories? Ghosts and ghoul and the devil come out to play in the collection of the scariest halloween stories published on American Folklore.

The White Wolf
A girl dreams of an evil white wolf, and finds her dream coming true.

The Future
A young girl goes to a psychic to find out what is in store for her future.

Sachs Bridge
A photographer visits a creepy old bridge and takes some surprising photographs.

Haunted Christmas
A man hears footsteps following him on his way home from the midnight Mass on Christmas Eve.

The Ghost of Pearl White
A young girl watches each night as a woman climbs the staircase to the apartment on the upper floor, never suspecting that the woman is a ghost.

Big Liz
A slave girl is murdered by her master when she turns spy for the Yankees.

Black Aggie
An evil statue comes to life at night in the cemetery.

The Ghost in the Alley
The vengeful ghost of a murdered girl haunts an alley

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