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Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Town Hall Ghost Hunters-Enfield Paranormal Society

Would you like to find out what those-in-the-know have to say about Ghost Hunters? The information in the article below comes straight from well-informed experts with special knowledge about Ghost Hunters.

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Cohasset - The Town Hall is haunted.
That’s the determination made by a team of ghost hunters who investigated paranormal activity within the “old” part of Town Hall this past weekend. A five-person team calling themselves the Enfield Paranormal Society investigated the possibility of a ghostly presence at the Town Hall.

After two nights of investigation in the dead of the night, founder and lead investigator Matt Kondracki has declared the Cohasset Town Hall haunted — and he has evidence to back up his claim.

On infrared camera, the Enfield Paranormal Society captured a door that leads to the Town Hall attic slowly closing all by itself around 11:30p.m. Saturday night. The other members of the crew were outside and he was downstairs in the auditorium.

Kondracki wanted to ensure the door closing was truly paranormal activity, not a draft or a person’s doing. Accompanied by a police officer that stopped in to check on them, Kondracki attempted to de-bunk the video by trying to re-create the closing of the door in the same fashion. He could not close the door without being seen by the camera.

“We couldn’t do it man-made,” said Kondracki, which led him to conclude, “Something in this Town Hall is haunted.”

The camera’s positioning on this particular door, located on the second floor just off the Board of Health office, was purposeful. On Friday night several of his team either witnessed or heard the door slam shut.

To Kondracki, the door closing was the smoking gun evidence of the weekend, but not his only evidence of paranormal activity in Cohasset’s Town Hall.

On Friday night, Kondracki and his crew began to set up cameras and digital recording equipment around 8p.m., with all lights being turned off around 9:30p.m. The first night they were able to capture electronic voice phenomenon, or EVPs, on a digital recorder. Ghosts use the electrical energy in a digital recorder to manifest themselves. EVPs cannot be heard by the ear alone, but can be heard through a tape recorder. On Friday night, they recorded a male voice saying a stern and clear “no.”

“EVP does not make a house haunted,” said Kondracki in an interview Friday. Unexplained heavy breathing was also caught on the digital recorder. Their medium, Mike Quadrato, said he felt the voice was an older gentleman who believes the Town Hall is his domain.

While in the actor’s dressing room behind the auditorium stage, Kondracki got a huge spike on a K2 meter, a device that pick up on changes in a room’s electric magnetic field which is thought to be connected to paranormal activity. As soon as Kondracki saw the spike on the meter, a nearby video camera battery went completely dead.

It’s unclear who the ghost (or ghosts) of the Town Hall could be. Given the older portion of Town Hall has served myriad purposes since being built in 1857 including a theater, a private school, a movie theater, a basketball court, a ballroom, a jailhouse and, of course, a building for town departments, the ghost could have been a part of any of those activities. Town historian and archivist David Wadsworth can shed no light on the possible identity of the Town Hall ghost.

“I don’t know where the story (of a ghost in Town Hall) came from,” said Wadsworth, “people hear something about it and it becomes a legend.”

But, theories abound from the ghost hunters, the medium and people in the community on who the haunting could be — a disgruntled prisoner in the basement jail cell or the victim of a hanging, a long-time janitor, school headmaster or a beautiful actress.

Ghost hunters
Kondracki, 25, has done investigations in private residences, public buildings and graveyards in Connecticut and Massachusetts. He lives in Enfield, Conn., while others in his team are based in western Massachusetts. He found the Cohasset Town Hall in a listing of haunted places on the internet ( The detail explained there was possible poltergeist activity, particularly in the basement area, which once served as the town’s jail.

“A true poltergeist is a rarity,” says Kondracki. Poltergeists are troublesome, noisy ghosts often manifesting themselves with doors slamming, strange knocking, or similar unexplained events. With his interest piqued, he called the Town Hall to seek permission for his team to investigate over a weekend.

When Kondracki called the Town Manager’s office he reached administration assistant Jennifer Oram. A fan of the SciFi’s Channel’s “Ghost Hunters” series along with her son, Oram had a knowledge of what Kondracki meant by a paranormal investigation. With permission she scheduled them to come this past weekend.

Kondracki has been ghost hunting for about a little more than a year, but he’s passionate and committed to it. Although always somewhat interested in the paranormal, it wasn’t until his aunt, a psychic, passed away in August 2006 he started his ghost hunting. His aunt had told him he had a special gift but he was too young to understand it.

“I can see and bring out spirits,” said Kondracki, who considers himself a “sensitive”— a person who can feel a ghost’s presence, and often their emotions, “ghosts and paranormal like to respond to me, it’s crazy.”

He can’t explain his ability, but what he has encountered so far has only propelled him to continue investigating the paranormal. He has devoted nearly all his free time to ghost hunting. He started two groups: Ghost Hunter Investigations and then, Enfield Paranormal Society.

“I’m in this to convince people that ghosts are out there. I want to teach people the paranormal and ghosts are real,” said Kondracki, “there is an afterlife and maybe people will have a better ease of dying.”

While skeptics doubt him practically at every turn, Kondracki is unwavering and unashamed in his beliefs. His Jeep Grand Cherokee is plastered with “Ghost Hunters” on the side. He is truthful at job interviews when they ask him of his other interests. He wears his “Enfield Paranormal Society” t-shirt out and about. He is willing to talk to anyone about paranormal activity and doesn’t turn down any investigations. He offers his services without charge and will often drive hours to an investigation, like he and his crew did this past weekend.

“I wouldn’t change this for anything in the world,” said Kondracki. He’s been able to convert six non-believers into believers over the past 13 months, including his mother and grandmother, “if I can convince a non-believer to believe, I’ve done my job.”

While the reference to the 80s movie “Ghostbusters” is nearly unavoidable, Kondracki says he doesn’t mind the reference to the iconic pop culture movie, “if people want to know us by a well known movie that’s okay with me.”

Pat Martin, host of the Comcast local cable television show “Our Town,” tagged along with the Enfield Paranormal Society members all weekend. She has hours of videotape from the two nights of investigation she plans on turning into an hour-long television show and Martin plans on proposing a television series for Comcast’s CN8 station.

Ghost hunting is a high-tech endeavor with infrared cameras, digital audio recording devices, video cameras, and electromagnetic field recorder (K2 meter). However, the most important piece is the human element.

“I approach it as if I’m intruding on their space. I’m just a guest,” said Kondracki. Having the right attitude and tone in your voice is imperative, “if you introduce yourself, explain why you’re here, you tend to get a better response.”

When trying to pick up EVPs on a digital recorder, Kondracki will ask questions when he senses a presence. Some of the questions he may pose to the ghost are who are you, why are you here, and did you die here. He waits about 20 seconds between questions. He’s had experiences where every question was answered.

He brings a small group with him on investigations, typically around five to six people. People interested in going on an investigation can send in a request from the Enfield Paranormal Society’s website.

“I take it serious, I don’t bring 15 or 20 people,” said Kondracki, which makes it more like a haunted house than an investigation. To the Cohasset Town Hall investigation he brought medium, Mike Quadrato, lead assistant Tammy Kraft, technology specialist Jay Grundstrom and Kondracki’s cousin Kevin Koropatkin.

He does not recommend investigating alone and “never say you’re scared.” Ghosts feed off the fear, says Kondracki.


The old portion of Town Hall is on the cusp of some major renovations in the next year. An historical architectural firm is currently investigating the Town Hall on a much different level, determining what kind of renovation is necessary and desired for this integral piece of town history.

David Farrag has been heading up the Town Hall renovation committee for the past year. The committee plans on seeking Community Preservation funds at the upcoming Town Meeting.

When Kondracki heard about the possible renovations, he warned the Town Hall could see increased paranormal activity.

“During renovations ghosts can really start letting you know they’re there,” said Kondracki. As he feels at least one of the Town Hall ghost considers the Town Hall his domain, he might take action to keep it just the way he likes it. The last time the Town Hall was renovated (not including the addition in the 1980s) was in the 1920s.

Farrag isn’t too concerned with the interference of a ghost in upcoming renovation, but knows the renovations will cost a significant chunk of money.

“If there are any ghosts, I want them paying rent,” quips Farrag.

To find out more about the Enfield Paranormal Society including how to request an investigation or to join on an investigation, visit or

Cohasset’s ghostly haunts
Maritime Museum
Cohasset’s Maritime Museum, once Samuel Bates’ ship chandlery on Border Street, is reputed to have been haunted by a ghost for some years after it was moved to its current location on Elm Street in the Village. Not long after the Maritime Museum opened to the public, its curators began to hear pacing footsteps coming from the upstairs office. During a meeting of the Historical Society downstairs in the Maritime Museum, the entire board witnessed the footsteps. A ghost hunter and author, Hans Holzer visited the museum and deduced the ghost must be John Bates, the last of the Bates family to own the building. John Bates was likely unhappy with the building’s move from the harbor.

It’s been said that the ghost of John Bates left the museum in 1972; perhaps satisfied the museum was a worthy use of his old chandlery. Since David Wadsworth has been the museum’s curator since the early 1980s he has never heard the footsteps.

The Enfield Paranormal Society wrote to the Historical Society to investigate, but were told the building was too cold during the winter months (it doesn’t have heat). The ghost hunters are interested in returning to Cohasset to investigate the ghost of John Bates when the weather gets warmer.

Minot Light
The tall granite lighthouse standing off the coast of Cohasset wasn’t the first Minot Light. Built in 1848 to 1849 the first Minot Light was a lantern room atop nine legs driven into Minot Ledge. In a severe April 1851 storm, the lighthouse toppled into the sea taking with it two lightkeepers, Joseph Wilson and Joseph Antoine. Wilson reportedly swam to Gull Rock off the glades in Scituate but did not survive the night. Antoine drowned in the storm before reaching shore.

During storms fishermen have reported seeing the ghost of Joseph Antoine standing on ladder outside Minot Light yelling “keep away, keep away.”

There's a lot to understand about Ghost Hunters. We were able to provide you with some of the facts above, but there is still plenty more to write about in subsequent ghost hunters articles.

Monday, January 28, 2008

paranormal state to appear on paranormal talk radio

This is the recent paranormal information related press release on paranormal state to appear on paranormal talk radio.
A&E’s Famed Paranormal Investigator, Ryan Buell of the Hit Show, Paranormal State to Appear on P.O.R.T.A.L. Paranormal Talk Radio

St Louis, MO, January 26, 2008 --( A&E’s famed paranormal investigator, Ryan Buell of the hit show, Paranormal State will appear on P.O.R.T.A.L. Paranormal Talk Radio on Sunday, January 27, 2008 to discuss his most recent cases, religion and demonology.

P.O.R.T.A.L. Paranormal Talk Radio, which is on the Paranormal Radio Network, an online radio network whose programming has exceeded over 107 countries of listeners, with hosts Tuesday Miles and Angela Thomas, welcomes Ryan Buell to the show on Sunday, January 27, 2008 to discuss his most recent cases, religion and demonology.

Ryan Buell is no ordinary man. As the Founder and Director of the Paranormal Research Society of Penn State, Buell’s work has reached extraordinary heights in a short amount of time. Among his accomplishments, Buell created the first university-based society of its kind. His knowledge and experience led him to become a leader among the top paranormal professionals in the field, as well as, a sought after speaker throughout the country. In addition to being a top, paranormal investigator, Buell has stepped into an area few dare enter – Demonology.

Demonology is the systemic belief and study of demons, and it is not to be taken lightly, and it is not for the weak hearted. Considering the risks and fears associated with the work, only a small amount of people worldwide are known demonologists. Yet Buell’s desire to help others with such cases set in motion a path not many have voluntarily taken. Historically, the Catholic Church has handled request from parishioners; however, the Roman Catholic Church still lacks priests interested or willing to enter into traditional rituals such as exorcism. Buell is filling the gap by training others to handle paranormal investigations and demonic presence. He is a man on a mission. His mission is to educate others of demonic existence, and to assist those with any true paranormal activity; evil or not.

Ryan Buell has taken his work and introduced it to the mass media with a new show on A&E called Paranormal State. This half hour docu drama chronicles real life investigations performed by Buell and the PRS team. Paranormal State can be seen each Monday 10/9c.

The P.O.R.T.A.L. Paranormal Talk Radio Show can be heard on the Paranormal Radio Network each week at 7p-9p, Eastern on Paranormal Radio Network, as well as, AOL Radio, MSN Radio, Satellite Radio UK, Tricom, BBS, Aussie Chat, and Live365 just to name a few. A live, virtual auditorium is available on for those wishing to share their interests, ask questions or interact with both guests and hosts.

For more information on P.O.R.T.A.L. Paranormal Talk Radio, contact, or visit .

Angela Thomas (636) 278-2272

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Amityville Horror -Flashback

The Amityville Horror
This article explains a few things about amityville horror, and if you're interested, then this is worth reading, because you can never tell what you don't know.
If your amityville horror facts are out-of-date, how will that affect your actions and decisions? Make certain you don't let important amityville horror information slip by you.
The Amityville Horror - A True Story is a best-selling book by the author Jay Anson, published in September 1977. The book has also formed the basis of a series of films made between 1979 and 2005. The story is said to be based on actual paranormal events, but has led to controversy and lawsuits over its truthfulness.

Plot summary

In December 1975, George and Kathleen Lutz and their children moved into 112 Ocean Avenue, a large Dutch Colonial house in Amityville, a suburban neighborhood located on the south shore of Long Island, New York. Thirteen months before the Lutzes moved in, Ronald DeFeo, Jr. had shot and killed six members of his family at the house. After 28 days, the Lutzes left the house, claiming to have been terrorized by paranormal phenomena while living there.

The book

This section is based on the version of events in Jay Anson's 1977 book The Amityville Horror - A True Story. 112 Ocean Avenue remained empty for thirteen months after the DeFeo murders. In December 1975, George and Kathleen Lutz bought the house for what was considered to be a bargain price of $80,000. The six-bedroom house was built in Dutch Colonial style, and had a distinctive gambrel roof. It also had a swimming pool and a boathouse, as it overlooked a river. George and Kathy married in July 1975 and each had their own homes, but they wanted to start afresh with a new property. Kathy had three children from a previous marriage, Daniel, 9, Christopher, 7, and Melissa (Missy), 5. They also owned a crossbreed malamute/labrador dog named Harry. During their first inspection of the house, the real estate broker told them about the DeFeo murders of the previous November, and asked if this changed their opinion about wanting to buy it. After discussing the matter, they decided that it was not an issue.
The Lutz family moved in on December 23, 1975. Much of the DeFeo family furniture was still in the house, since it had been included as part of the deal. A friend of George Lutz learned about the past history of the house, and insisted on having it blessed. At the time, George was a non-practicing Methodist and had no experience of what this would entail. Kathy was a non-practicing Catholic and explained the process. George knew a Catholic priest named Father Ray who agreed to carry out the house blessing. (In Anson's book the priest is referred to as Father Mancuso. This was done for reasons of privacy and the now-deceased priest's real name was Father Ralph J. Pecoraro). Father Mancuso was a lawyer, a Judge of the Catholic Court and a psychotherapist who lived at the local Sacred Heart Rectory. He arrived to perform the blessing while George and Kathy were unpacking their belongings on the afternoon of December 23, 1975, and went in to the building to carry out the rites. When he flicked the first holy water and began to pray, he heard a masculine voice say clearly Get out! When leaving the house, Father Mancuso did not mention this incident to either George or Kathy. On December 24, 1975 Father Mancuso telephoned George Lutz and advised him to stay out of the room where he had heard the unearthly voice telling him to get out. This was a room on the second floor that Kathy planned to use as a sewing room, and had formerly been the bedroom of Marc and John Matthew DeFeo. The telephone call was cut dead by static, and following his visit to the house on Ocean Avenue Father Mancuso allegedly developed a high fever and blisters on his hands similar to stigmata.

Atfirst,George and Kathy Lutz experienced nothing unusual in the house. Talking about their experiences subsequently, they reported that it was as if they "were each living in a different house."

Some of the experiences of the Lutz family at the house have been described as follows:
George would wake up around 3:15 every morning and would go out to check the boathouse. Later he would learn that this was the estimated time of the DeFeo killings. The house was plagued by swarms of flies despite the winter weather. Kathy had vivid nightmares about the murders and discovered the order in which they occurred, and the rooms where they took place. The Lutzes' children also began sleeping on their stomachs, in the same way that the dead bodies in the DeFeo murders had been found. Kathy would feel a sensation as if "being embraced" in a loving manner, by an unseen force. Kathy discovered a small hidden room (around four feet by five feet) behind shelving in the basement. The walls were painted red and the room did not appear in the blueprints of the house. The room came to be known as "The Red Room." This room had a profound effect on their dog Harry, who refused to go near it and cowered as if sensing something negative. There were cold spots and odors of perfume and excrement in areas of the house where no wind drafts or piping would explain the source. The Lutzes' five year old daughter, Missy, developed an imaginary friend named "Jodie," a demonic pig-like creature with glowing red eyes. George would be woken up by the sound of the front door slamming. He would race downstairs to find the dog sleeping soundly at the front door. Nobody else heard the sound although it was loud enough to wake the house. George would hear what was described as a "German marching band tuning up" or what sounded like a clock radio playing not quite on frequency. When he went downstairs the noise would cease. George realized that he bore a strong resemblance to Ronald DeFeo, Jr., and began drinking at The Witches' Brew, the bar where DeFeo was once a regular customer. While checking the boathouse one night, George saw a pair of red eyes looking at him from Missy's bedroom window. When he went upstairs to her room, there was nothing to be found. Later it was suggested that it could have been "Jodie". While in bed, Kathy received red welts on her chest caused by an unseen force and was levitated two feet off the bed. Locks, doors and windows in the house were damaged by an unseen force. Cloven hoofprints attributed to an enormous pig appeared in the snow outside the house on January 1, 1976. Green slime oozed from walls in the hall, and also from the keyhole of the playroom door in the attic. A 12-inch crucifix, hung in a closet by Kathy, revolved until it was upside down and gave off a sour smell. George tripped over a four foot high china lion which was an ornament in the living room, and was left with bite marks on one of his ankles. George saw Kathy transform into an old woman of ninety, "the hair wild, a shocking white, the face a mass of wrinkles and ugly lines, and saliva dripping from the toothless mouth." George and Kathy Lutz surrounded by media coverage of the caseAfter deciding that something was wrong with their house that they could not explain rationally, George and Kathy Lutz carried out a blessing of their own on January 8, 1976. George held a silver crucifix while they both recited the Lord's Prayer, and while in the living room George allegedly heard a chorus of voices telling them “Will you stop!”

By mid-January of 1976, and after another attempt at a house blessing by George and Kathy, they experienced what would turn out to be their final night in the house. The Lutzes declined to give a full account of the events that took place on this occasion, describing them as "too frightening."

After getting in touch with Father Mancuso, the Lutzes decided to take some belongings and stay at Kathy’s mother’s house in nearby Deer Park, New York until they had sorted out the problems with the house. They claimed that the phenomena followed them there, with the final scene of Anson's book describing "greenish-black slime" coming up the staircase towards them. On January 14, 1976 George and Kathy Lutz, with their three children and their dog Harry, left 112 Ocean Avenue leaving most of their possessions behind. The next day, a mover came in to remove all of the possessions to send to the Lutzes. He reported no paranormal phenomena while inside the house.

The book was written after Tam Mossman, an editor at the publishing house Prentice Hall, introduced George and Kathy Lutz to Jay Anson. The Lutzes did not work directly with Anson, but submitted around 45 hours of tape recorded recollections to him which were used as the basis of the book. Estimates of the sales of the book are around ten million copies from its numerous editions. Anson is said to have based the title of The Amityville Horror on The Dunwich Horror by H. P. Lovecraft, which was published in 1929.
The story of The Amityville Horror has been continued in a series of books by John G. Jones. These are The Amityville Horror Part II (1982), Amityville - The Final Chapter (1985), Amityville - The Evil Escapes (1988) and Amityville - The Horror Returns (1989).
In 1991, Amityville - The Nightmare Continues by Robin Karl was published.

The Amityville Horror has been the subject of nine films, which are as follows:
The Amityville Horror (1979) Amityville II: The Possession (1982) Amityville 3D (1983) (this film was made in 3-D, and has also been released as Amityville III: The Demon) Amityville 4: The Evil Escapes (1989) (This was made for television by NBC) The Amityville Curse (1990) Amityville 1992: It's About Time (1992) Amityville: A New Generation (1993) Amityville Dollhouse: Evil Never Dies (1996) The Amityville Horror (2005) (remake).

There's no doubt that the topic of amityville horror can be fascinating. If you still have unanswered questions about amityville horror, you may find what you're looking for in the next article.

Watch the amityville horror video clip here

Friday, January 25, 2008

paranormal activity-paranormal investigations-paranormal pictures

Hi my paranormal lovers friends. Now everything about paranormal,paranormal activity,paranormal research,paranormal investigators,paranormal investigations,paranormal investigation,paranormal investigator,paranormal phenomena,paranormal news,paranormal radio,the atlantic paranormal society,ghost,paranormal pictures,atlantic paranormal society,ghosts,paranormal videos,ufo,ghost town,ghost pictures is in your hand.Here I have compiled the latest paranormal phenomena all in one paranormal post. Happy creepy reading. Paranormal Phenomena
Paranormal talk roundup
What the blogs are talking about this week: ? Another Bigfoot Sighting in Wisconsin - Craig Woolheater: An alleged Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, sighting on Highway 63 just south of Seeley on...
Nightshift Ghost
"I am a home healthcare provider for the developmentally disabled and am currently working in a house that has to be haunted," writes Veronica. "Our client normally goes to bed...
In Search of Victorian Ghosts - feature article
America's Old South is rich in history, folklore, and tales of lingering spirits. David Dominé, who lives in an old Victorian house in the Old Louisville Preservation District, has roamed...
News - Pyramid Chambers, Milky Rain, Tales of Ghosts
Top story: New scans reveal cavities beneath the pyramids Plus: ? Strange milky precipitation ? What is the future image of Bigfoot? ? Pilgrims witness miracle light ? The flying humanoids and liminality ? Wright-Patterson tales...
Lady in Blue, Oak Island, 2007 Predictions
Some interesting links I've found this week: ? The Strange Tale of the Lady in Blue ? Of all the tales of lost treasure, ghosts, inexplicable lights, apparitions, and disappearances across...
Paranormal Research Society of North America
The Paranormal Research Society of North America (PRSNA), is located outside of Pottstown, Pennsylvania. They like to investigate claims of paranormal activity without the use of psychics or psychic tools like divining rods, Ouija boards and the like. They search for a scientific explanation of things that may be called hauntings.
Visit the PRSNA website if you have some unusual happenings that you would like investigated with scientific accuracy or if you would just like to learn more about this group.
International Ghost Hunter’s Society
Well, if you’re going to give a shout out to a ghost site, this seems like a perfect place to start.
The International Ghost Hunter’s Society site, run by Dave & Sharon Oester has more bells and whistles than you can shake a stick at. (How’s that for a bunch of metaphors!). If you are looking for an informative site that offers quite a bit- EVPs, a variety of courses in paranormal investigation, photos and a veritable pleothera of books, this one’s for you.
Dave Oester is also a Reiki master, so check out the course he teaches on this interesting form of spiritual healing.
Daily Shout Out Launch
I’ve decided to incorporate a daily shout out to ghost sites that seem to give you the most bang for your buck. You don’t have to be the best site on the Internet to get a shout out, just have an easy to read website.
So, let the fun begin!
Self-Publish Your Ghost Story
I just wanted to let everyone in on a new website that you can earn Google revenue on. Check out Public Bookshelf. New authors can choose whether to get an offer of an upfront payment of projected revenues as well as residual payments for their books, or they can just earn Google revenue without an upfront payment.
If you have a great ghost story, or any other type of story that you’d like to earn a little money on without dealing with vanity publishers, check it out. (Can’t hurt, might help!)
Entity Seeker
Hi folks, I just wanted to give a shout out to Entity Seeker. Located in Alberta, Canada, they are a resource for people that would like a paranormal investigation. Their website is:
They’ve also come out with a new book on the paranormal, Coffee with the Dead. I haven’t read it yet, but I’ll do a book review if I can locate a copy!
New Ghost Articles in January
Check out our new articles this month as well as our new YouTube page for Ghost videos!
Ghost Trains- find out about this ghostly phenomena that occurs around the world
Tarot Cards- the basics on this psychic tool
A Ghost Town in Eastern Europe- Chernobyl’s Legacy
We hope you enjoy these articles as much as we did. We also hope you find some interesting and entertaining videos on the YouTube video page we set up. Enjoy!
January 11, 2008
Good afternoon all you late risers! We’re off and running this month after we implemented some changes to become more visible on the Internet. I’m glad to see so many new visitors have checked us out; hopefully we can create lots of new content to keep everyone coming back.
Our goals over the next three months include adding lots of new stories and informational articles. To that end, anyone who would like to submit an article for publication may do so at This includes any photos that you would like to submit that go with the articles. Your byline will be included unless you request us not to!
Of course, you are welcome to share your photos and stories on this blog. After all, that is why we created it!
Don’t be shy, drop on by and share your ghostly or other paranormal experiences!
Charlotte Gerber, Editor
Looking for Writer’s Forums?
Just because you like to hunt ghosts doesn’t mean you don’t also write about them or have the desire to do so. I found some interesting writer’s forums for ghost writers (and mystery/horror writers), and though I would share them with you this week. A few even have interesting contest give-aways too!
Vampires/Horror - for writers of vampire and horror stories
An Cumann Siceach - for writers of the paranormal and psychic novels; both fiction and non-fiction
Tragedy Writers -this forum has a prize give away this month
I’ll be on the lookout for new forums as I surf the web and share new finds in December!
Supernatural - Paranormal, ESP, Occult
Ghost Hunters Goes for Season 4
Ghost Hunters, SCI FI’s popular reality series, will return to the Channel for an exciting fourth season. America’s favorite paranormal plumbers, Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, will deliver 13 episodes of spine-tingling investigations when the show returns next year. Upcoming episodes will feature the intrepid Ghost Hunters exploring a chilling range of bizarre occurrences that [...]
my new plaid pants
Must See Paranormal Activity
I don't really understand why the first-person shot, "found footage" movie gimmick a la Cloverfield is suddenly all the rage now, eight full years after The Blair Witch Project - my pal Sean considered the YouTube effect way back here - but I like it, as long as it works (as Cloverfield obviously did for me). I keep hearing the same effectiveness said of the Spanish first-person horror flick [REC] (which I prev. mentioned here), and now (without even getting around to mentioning Romero's latest and The Poughkeepsie Tapes) there's this movie called Paranormal Activity (no IMDb page yet, it's only shown at a couple festivals, but here's an article on the writer/director), which is apparently to ghost stories what Cloverfield is to giant monster movies.Or that's how Moriarty at AICN sells it, and since of all the writers at AICN I agree with him the most often, I'll take his high recommendation with equally high expecations. Here's the trailer below via YouTube; check out Moriarty's take on the flick itself here.
..Here's the film's website, and here are links to a few reviews:
VarietyDread CentralBloody DisgustingFearNet
Everybody seems to love it. No idea when it will get a real release, but I'll most certainly keep my eyes peeled....

Sunday, January 20, 2008

ghost,ghost hunting and quantum physics

When most people think of ghosts,ghost hunting, what comes to mind is usually basic information that's not particularly interesting or beneficial. But there's a lot more to ghosts,ghost hunting than just the basics.

If you base what you do on inaccurate information, you might be unpleasantly surprised by the consequences. Make sure you get the whole ghosts,ghost hunting story from informed sources.

One of the benefits of a lifetime of afterlife communication is that I know a lot about ghosts . what they are and what they're not. For instance, they're not "caught between worlds." And they don't need us to help them "move on." They're exactly where they're supposed to be. You don't honestly think that God, the Creator of the Universe, would leave their eternal fate in your and my hands, do you?
You CAN say that they are "earthbound," but that's because their consciousness never left the earth. And when you die, yours won't either. We're all right here together forever. That's just the nature of the afterlife. Yes, knowing the laws of the afterlife can make these things a lot clearer.

Lately, I've been researching what folks believe about ghosts and hauntings. I've investigated the investigations. Repeatedly I've read, "We don't use ouija boards, séances, mediums or occult methods." Yet it's common for ghost researchers to accept, as an underlying condition of their investigations, the erroneous claims of psychics, mediums, and channels.

I'm referring to such concepts as "caught between worlds," "unfinished business," "earthbound souls," and ghost children in distress. At the same time ominous warnings urge vigilant caution in case non-human demons and malevolent entities are encountered. Oh, and don't forget the Hollywood expression, "Go to the light." Scientific research can't be conducted properly on a foundation of superstition.

Let me tell you some things that are true about ghosts. Actually there are only two kinds of ghosts: real and not-real.

The real ghosts are everywhere. They're in your home, in your car, in your school, and in your dreams. Ghost researchers call these interactive ghosts. I call them soul-ghosts, or disincarnate souls. I don't care for the term, disembodied because they do have a body. We just can't see it for the same reason that we can't see sound waves and ultraviolet light. They're outside the range of our sentient boundary.

Soul-ghosts are interactive. They reach out to you, and you feel no fear . absolutely none. They envelop you in a blanket of warm fuzzies. Real ghosts can be mistaken for angels. This isn't a paranormal experience. It's a supernatural and spiritual experience.

The not-real ghosts seem to be everywhere too, but only for people that believe they exist, or at least believe that they might exist. They rarely bother unbelievers. Ghost researchers call the not-real ghosts . residual ghosts. These ghosts seem to defy the Law of Conservation of Matter and Energy because they pop in and out of existence like virtual particles. The appearance of this type of ghost can be explained by quantum physics. From the Copenhagen Interpretation, which states that nothing is real until you look at it, to the holographic theory of the universe, all ghosts abide by the laws of quantum physics.

People that experience residual ghosts say that they seem to be caught in a time-loop replaying the same scene over and over. The above mentioned physics also apply to residual ghosts but with the addition of Schrodinger's equations. For every "now" that we experience, a positive wave flows into the future and a negative wave flows into the past like concentric ripples created by a rock thrown into a pond.

The fact that some people experience residual ghosts is due to normal functions of human consciousness. Although some might rather think of it as a "glitch." Residual ghosts are unusual and fascinating experiences with natural causes.

Briefly, a few more types of not-real ghosts are poltergeists, demons, and shadow people. Abnormal psychology applies to poltergeists and demons. The physiology of the eye accounts for shadow people.

So, what's the truth about ghosts? Do they exist? Yes, of course they do. Can the scientific method be used to investigate them? Yes, they use measurable amounts of energy. Can you record their voices and photograph ghosts? Yes, but one needs to be alert to pattern recognition tendencies.

The science of ghost investigation has the potential to make a huge difference in a society still tormented by superstition and fear. You have the equipment. You have the rationale. And you have the compassionate desire to help others.

About the Author:

Robbin Renee Bridges, a chaplain and grief counselor for more than thirty years, is the author of numerous published articles and the landmark book, "A Bridge of Love between Heaven and Earth: Self-Induced Contact in the Afterlife." For more articles about death, ghosts, and the nature of the souls in the afterlife visit

Robbin Renee Bridges, a chaplain and grief counselor for more than thirty years, is the author of numerous published articles and the landmark book, "A Bridge of Love between Heaven and Earth: Self-Induced Contact in the Afterlife." For more articles about death, ghosts, the nature of the soul and the afterlife visit

So now you know a little bit about ghosts,ghost hunting. Even if you don't know everything, you've done something worthwhile: you've expanded your knowledge.

The Eye-horror movie clip-jessica alba

In today's world, it seems that almost any topic is open for debate. While I was gathering facts for this horror movie the eye, I was quite surprised to find some of the issues I thought were settled are actually still being openly discussed.the eye - horror movie? the eye-scary story?the eye-suspense thriller? the eye-remake?

See how much you can learn about the eye when you take a little time to read a well-researched article? Don't miss out the horror movie clip - the eye.

The Eye (2002) After receiving a corneal transplant, a young woman begins to have increasingly malevolent visions.
Sydney Wells (Jessica Alba) is an accomplished, independent, Los Angeles-based concert violinist. She is also blind, and has been so since a childhood tragedy. As our story opens, Sydney undergoes a double corneal transplant, a surgery she has waited her whole life to have, and her sight is restored. After the surgery, neural ophthalmologist Dr. Paul Faulkner (Alessandro Nivola) helps Sydney with the difficult adjustment, and with the support of her older sister Helen (Parker Posey), Sydney learns to see again.

But Sydney's happiness is short-lived as unexplainable shadowy and frightening images start to haunt her. Are they a passing aftermath of her surgery, Sydney's mind adjusting to sight, a product of her imagination, or something horrifyingly real? As Sydney's family and friends begin to doubt her sanity, Sydney is soon convinced that her anonymous eye donor has somehow opened the door to a terrifying world only she can now see.

As your knowledge and perception about the eye continues to grow, you will begin to see how the eye fits into the overall positive critics of horror movies.Watch out this horror the eye movie clip.

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ghost photo-The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall

Are you looking for some inside information on ghost photo? Here's an up-to-date report from ghost photo experts who should know.

The information about ghost photo presented here will do one of two things: either it will reinforce what you know about ghost photo or it will teach you something new. Both are good outcomes.

This is one of the Famous Classics of Ghostdom, said to be one of the best ghost photos ever taken - The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall.

For over 300 years, Raynham Hall Mansion in Norfolk, England was the home of the Townshend family (also reported as Townsand and Townsend). In the 1700s, Charles Townshend lived there with his wife Dorothy. He had a title and all that, but I'll skip to The Juicy Parts. Charles suspected Dorothy of infidelity. Lots of infidelity. In fact Charles pretty much decided Dorothy was a slut. She was once the mistress of a famous politician who was more famous for bedding anything in a skirt (no relation to Bill Clinton) than politics, and rumored to be quite wild. But of course marriage will change all that! thought Charles, the Moron.

Records show that Dorothy died and was buried in respectful style in 1726, but the Juicy Rumor was that Charles really got fed up with his tramp of a wife, worrying his reputation would be ruined, so he really just locked her away in a remote corner of the house, as good as dead, until her actual death many years later. And so, the tragic Dorothy haunted Raynham Hall, maybe still looking for a way out.

While staying in Raynham Hall in the early 1800s, King George IV said he saw the figure of a woman in a brown dress standing beside his bed, noting that she was deathly pale and hair a wild mess. Colonel Loftus said he saw a woman in a brown satin dress in the hallway on two occasions in 1835 and that her skin glowed with a light all it's own. He also said it appeared that her eyes had been gouged out. In fact whatever this was, was downright hideous looking. A few years later, Captain Frederick Marryat and two friends saw her gliding along an upstairs hallway, carrying a lantern. They ducked behind a door, peeking at the apparition just barely out of sight. As she passed them, Marryat said she stopped, turned and grinned at the men in a "diabolical manner." She seemed so real and so menacing that Marryat fired a pistol at her but there was nothing to hit - and it went right through into the wall.

The famous photo above was taken in September, 1936 by Captain Provand and Indre Shira, two photographers who were assigned to photograph Raynham Hall for a Country Life magazine article which was published in December of that year. This is what happened, according to Shira:

"Captain Provand took one photograph of the stairway while I flashed the light. He was putting in a new plate and focusing for another exposure; I was standing by his side just behind the camera with the flashlight pistol in my hand, looking directly up the staircase. All at once I detected an ethereal veiled form coming slowly down the stairs. Rather excitedly, I called out sharply: 'Quick, quick, there's something.' I pressed the trigger of the flashlight pistol. After the flash and on closing the shutter, Captain Provand removed the focusing cloth from his head and turning to me said: 'What's all the excitement about?'"
When the film was developed, there stood the Infamous Brown Lady ghost, seen for the first time. No sightings have been reported of her since 1936 - perhaps she's camera shy.

There's a lot to understand about ghost photo. We were able to provide you with some of the facts above, but there is still plenty more to write about in subsequent ghost articles.

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haunted places of India

If you're seriously interested in knowing about haunted, you need to think beyond the basics. This post takes a closer look at things you need to know about haunted places in India.
How can you put a limit on learning more? The next section may contain that one little bit of wisdom that changes a lot.

* Bhangarh, Rajasthan - Bhangarh Fort is supposedly one of the most haunted places in India and, by government orders, staying after sunset is strictly prohibited in the area. According to the myth, the place was cursed by a tantrik that there will be such an incident that everybody in the palace would die and their souls will stay there for centuries without rebirth.

* Hyderabad - Ramoji Film City - It is alleged the hotels in Ramoji film city are haunted.

* Hyderabad - Warasiguda House - It is alleged that the house in Warasiguda locality in Hyderabad is haunted. It is about one kilometer away from Secunderabad.

* New Delhi Sanjay Van (near Qutab Institutional Area) - Sanjay Van is a forest area spread over 10 km. Located there is a cremation ground where many people have allegedly reported having seen a lady dressed in a white saree appearing and disappearing suddenly.

* West Bengal - Kurseong - Dow-Hill - The forests are alleged to be haunted.

Now you can be a confident expert on haunted places in India. OK, maybe not an expert. But you should have something to bring to the table next time you join a discussion on haunted.

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horror picture show with the music from the Halloween movies

Paranormal websites with creepy experience

While searching on the Internet I have found this list of paranormal websites from WEBUPON.COM and I have found this paranormal websites list is worthy browsing for recent paranormal incidents and lots more information about paranormal activities. This is no doubt a handy paranormal resource for all my ghost hunters and paranormal lovers friends. You can get good idea about ghost hauntings, paranormal phenomena, unsolved mystery.

For thousands of years and all over the world, people of recorded strange experiences of unseen phenomenon and the activities that in modern terms would be ghosts, UFOs or alien visitations.

The paranormal is a rather large field of study and this list is about ghosts and UFOs.

  1. Paranormal Database

    This is a comprehensive collection of ghost haunts, hauntings, and mysterious places along the European countryside. Visitors can read stories, browse through the photo gallery, share stories and download booklets on the paranormal. This is an awesome website for studying the paranormal activity in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
  2. Unexplained Mysteries

    This is another comprehensive collection of paranormal events and activities that include UFOs, ghosts, Bigfoot and paranormal subjects. Registered members can participate in forums, polls, keep a blog and read reviews among many other things.
  3. UFO Videos

    Pop a bowl of popcorn and ice down a beverage and seat down for an entertaining look at eyewitness UFO videos recorded from around the world. I personally don't know whether these highly sophisticated objects are actually advanced technology from another planet, but never the less they are entertaining to watch and wonder.
  4. The Anomalist

    The Anomalist describes itself “The Anomalist is a daily review of world news on maverick science, unexplained mysteries, unorthodox theories, strange talents, and unexpected discoveries.” In my opinion, this is a very interesting collection of articles and reports about everything paranormal that includes a healthy dose of UFO content.
  5. Real Haunted Houses

    This is a comprehensive website to locate a real haunted house in your area to investigate or to read an interesting story about the paranormal. The information is separated into categories listed by the state to make finding what you want an easy breeze.
  6. Haunted Places In The UK

    This website offers its visitors an opportunity to learn about places within the UK that are favorite ghost haunts. Read ghost stories or stumble through the beautiful pictures of these amazing old places that survived weather and time as seen by their charming character. Oh, and they are haunted.

    This is an excellent website to look at a cool collection of ghost photos, read about hauntings and creepy yourself out with a good ghost story. Participate in Obiwan's UFO-Free Paranormal message board and discuss your personal ghost experience or haunting. If just talking about the paranormal doesn't suit your taste and you just have to conduct your own ghost hunt, then don't forget to checkout the Haunted Place
    Database before you leave to locate a safe place to investigate.
  8. Ghost Haunts

    This is an amazing websites loaded with interesting information about haunted houses, haunted places, cemeteries, graveyards and ghosts. Read ghost stories, articles or examine ghost photos taken by average people like you.
  9. Angels and Ghosts Forum

    This is a very friendly website and paranormal forum where the members routinely discuss the paranormal especially ghosts and hauntings. Some of the members are mediums and physics, which they commonly interject their personal impressions of photos that are submitted by other members. Members share photos, evps and videos of ghosts and other paranormal activity that they have experienced with other members of the forum. Membership is free and only required to leave comments or start a new thread.
  10. Paranormal Soup

    To entertain interesting in-depth paranormal debate or discussion, then this is the website that you need to visit. Browse through the photo gallery, watch a video, listen to an evp or participate in the lively paranormal forum and start unlocking the mysteries of the unseen world lurking all around us. Membership is free and required to participate in the forums and no membership is required to read posted comments in the forums.
Here is another set of paranormal websites that give you creepy experience.

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Recent UFO sighting-UFO pictures in Cornwall, England

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I have found this recent interesting UFO sightings instance on UFO Casebook

The SUN Newspaper recently ran a UFO story with the inspired(?) headline, “Oooh arrrr not alone anymore.” The story was as follows:

THIS stunning photo of a UFO over Cornwall was last night hailed by experts as one of the best ever taken in Britain . KELVIN took his picture at 3.31pm on December 29, with a Nikon D80 Digital SLR on automatic.

The classic flying saucer shape is seen above two ships. And UFO watchers believe it could be proof we are NOT alone. Kelvin Barbery snapped the mystery object from a coastal path between Swanpool and Maenporth, near Falmouth . In a weird twist, Kelvin, 55, did not even see the UFO at the time.

He thought he was just taking a sea view — but when he loaded the digital camera card on to his computer, the round metallic “craft” was in the centre of the shot, about two miles away.

Kelvin, a facilities manager for schools, said: “There were a couple of tankers out in the bay and I thought that it made a nice shot.

User Image

“There was nothing in view and certainly no fault on the camera. When I got home I couldn't believe what I had. I thought, ‘Wow, where did that come from?' I'm not the sort to believe in UFOs — now I'm not so sure.”

Nick Pope, one of Britain 's foremost UFO experts, said the photo was one of the best he had seen, Nick, formerly the official Ministry of Defence UFO analyst, said: “If I was still there I'd be looking at this very closely. The object looks structured, symmetrical and metallic. This man has caught something very interesting indeed."

User Image

Michael Soper, of the Contact International UFO group, agreed: “This does appear genuine. Digital photos can be doctored but everything about it appears consistent.”


Global Moderator’s
To be honest, I find its strange that this image is being touted as, “One of the best” as even if you squint and tilt your head slightly it appears to show a gull, and regarding, “The object looks structured, symmetrical and metallic” perhaps this was a quick glance that the former MOD, “Analyst” Nick Pope cast over the image as I personally fail to see any of the features described.

Eye of the beholder?
User Image

It seems that there really is no happy medium with the tabloids, the UFO subject is either ridiculed and mocked, or blatantly dubious images are touted as absolute proof, is it any wonder that the uninformed public weigh and measure the subject and more often than not find it wanting?

Thanks to UK UFO investigator/researcher Jenny Randles for the lead and I believe Jenny also sums up the widely perceived problems regarding the MoD, also alluding to the reason why the media jump on sightings such as this (with seemingly prosaic explanations) and perhaps more importantly why prominent UFOlogists appear to pander to their whimsical and fleeting interest (when not misquoted).

"My bet is they (the MoD) will turn out to have been just as hopeless as the rest of us as at this tricky business. Indeed I suspect that you need many years of battle hardened study of the data before you see the basic issues involved and can talk yourself out of the romanticism that surrounds the evidence. Especially amidst the siren calls of the media who mostly only want to hear you say exciting stuff not find explanations.

Nobody working with the MoD had this depth of continuity to get to the point where they saw the subject in all of its complexity (and at heart, its simplicity).”


Also, Frank Warren concluded the same (as has most independent analysis) as did the majority of his readers on his Blogspot:

User Image

User Image

Also, surprisingly most of the SUN readers comments reflect the same.

Paranormal photos-Eye in the sky

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There was a strange cloud in the sky of Pescara, a town in the Abruzzo region, in Central Italy, some days ago. The displayed cloud looked like an huge eye.

Eye in the sky
Photograph by Fabio Camplone