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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Paranormal websites with creepy experience

While searching on the Internet I have found this list of paranormal websites from WEBUPON.COM and I have found this paranormal websites list is worthy browsing for recent paranormal incidents and lots more information about paranormal activities. This is no doubt a handy paranormal resource for all my ghost hunters and paranormal lovers friends. You can get good idea about ghost hauntings, paranormal phenomena, unsolved mystery.

For thousands of years and all over the world, people of recorded strange experiences of unseen phenomenon and the activities that in modern terms would be ghosts, UFOs or alien visitations.

The paranormal is a rather large field of study and this list is about ghosts and UFOs.

  1. Paranormal Database

    This is a comprehensive collection of ghost haunts, hauntings, and mysterious places along the European countryside. Visitors can read stories, browse through the photo gallery, share stories and download booklets on the paranormal. This is an awesome website for studying the paranormal activity in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
  2. Unexplained Mysteries

    This is another comprehensive collection of paranormal events and activities that include UFOs, ghosts, Bigfoot and paranormal subjects. Registered members can participate in forums, polls, keep a blog and read reviews among many other things.
  3. UFO Videos

    Pop a bowl of popcorn and ice down a beverage and seat down for an entertaining look at eyewitness UFO videos recorded from around the world. I personally don't know whether these highly sophisticated objects are actually advanced technology from another planet, but never the less they are entertaining to watch and wonder.
  4. The Anomalist

    The Anomalist describes itself “The Anomalist is a daily review of world news on maverick science, unexplained mysteries, unorthodox theories, strange talents, and unexpected discoveries.” In my opinion, this is a very interesting collection of articles and reports about everything paranormal that includes a healthy dose of UFO content.
  5. Real Haunted Houses

    This is a comprehensive website to locate a real haunted house in your area to investigate or to read an interesting story about the paranormal. The information is separated into categories listed by the state to make finding what you want an easy breeze.
  6. Haunted Places In The UK

    This website offers its visitors an opportunity to learn about places within the UK that are favorite ghost haunts. Read ghost stories or stumble through the beautiful pictures of these amazing old places that survived weather and time as seen by their charming character. Oh, and they are haunted.

    This is an excellent website to look at a cool collection of ghost photos, read about hauntings and creepy yourself out with a good ghost story. Participate in Obiwan's UFO-Free Paranormal message board and discuss your personal ghost experience or haunting. If just talking about the paranormal doesn't suit your taste and you just have to conduct your own ghost hunt, then don't forget to checkout the Haunted Place
    Database before you leave to locate a safe place to investigate.
  8. Ghost Haunts

    This is an amazing websites loaded with interesting information about haunted houses, haunted places, cemeteries, graveyards and ghosts. Read ghost stories, articles or examine ghost photos taken by average people like you.
  9. Angels and Ghosts Forum

    This is a very friendly website and paranormal forum where the members routinely discuss the paranormal especially ghosts and hauntings. Some of the members are mediums and physics, which they commonly interject their personal impressions of photos that are submitted by other members. Members share photos, evps and videos of ghosts and other paranormal activity that they have experienced with other members of the forum. Membership is free and only required to leave comments or start a new thread.
  10. Paranormal Soup

    To entertain interesting in-depth paranormal debate or discussion, then this is the website that you need to visit. Browse through the photo gallery, watch a video, listen to an evp or participate in the lively paranormal forum and start unlocking the mysteries of the unseen world lurking all around us. Membership is free and required to participate in the forums and no membership is required to read posted comments in the forums.
Here is another set of paranormal websites that give you creepy experience.

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