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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Paranormal Series from LIVING network

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LIVING Commissions Paranormal Series
LONDON, March 6: LIVING network has ordered Living with the Dead, an eight-part series from Original Productions UK.
The show explores the most haunted homes around the U.K., and features psychic mediums Johnnie Fiori and Ian Lawman and paranormal investigator Mark Webb. The team will work together with homeowners who are literally petrified to the point of despair about their unwanted spiritual house guests.

Living with the Dead will air exclusively on LIVING in spring 2008. Stewart Morris serves as the executive producer for Original Productions UK, with Richard Greenwood serving as the series producer and Peter Eyre as the series director.

“With LIVING having established the paranormal genre on U.K. television, people are still fascinated by ghostly goings on,” said Mark Sammon, the commissioning editor for LIVING. “While Most Haunted continues to lead the way in exploring public locations across the country, Living with the Dead will confront the terror that lurks behind the net curtains, looking at the real ghost stories that exist in everyday peoples’ lives.”
—By Ned Berke

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