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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A paranormal story - My true creepy ghost experience - Ghost? Spirit? What's it?

It is a true paranormal experience in my life. I am sharing this true creepy story with you. when I think about it I still feel strange. I don't know even what to say it, a ghost? a Spirit? Well, let me explain in brief what I had seen that day.

It was a dark night while I was going to one of my friend's house in a remote village . He was a friend of mine when I was very young and stayed in my maternal uncle's house in that same village. We met after a long time and after some fun and chitchat he invited me to come to his house one day. I decided to go there in weekend thinking that it would be of fun because I can again spend some nice moments together plus I could visit my maternal uncle's house too. I started on Friday after office.

It was around 9 PM then when I was in station. It takes at least 1 hour more to reach that village by bus or jeep. From station to bus stop there was a short cut route beside the rail line. I took that way since I was quite familiar with that route. That night was pitch black. Only a few road lamps were there though very dim and the polls were in long gap.I was in a good mood. Taking a cigarette in my hand I was walking down the lane. Not a single person was there on road that time apart from a few street dogs. After a while I have seen a person wearing a off white full shirt and a dark trouser coming towards me from the opposite end. While passing by close, I somehow noticed him in the street dim light but felt quite strange seeing his facial expression.
It was strangely dumb, strange sadness was there and somehow he was in hurry.

I thought let him ask about the timing of next bus as he was coming from the bus stop so I asked him " Hello, can you tell me the timing of the next bus?" he strangely looked at me in a pale face and whispered something that I could not hear and went away very quickly.

I was in big doubt but all my doubts have gone clear soon. There was a sharp turn just a few steps ahead and walking along the road, you will reach the bus stop soon. Feeling a bit odd, I walked quickly and reached the bus stop in next 3-4 minutes.

I saw a crowd there. I was curious to know what's the matter and suddenly I saw the same man lying on the road spot dead ran over by a bus. I was shocked and stunned. I asked the people about the time of accident and they answered that it happened approx 20 mins back.

I recalculated. I have seen the same man just 5 mins back. Yes the same man. No error. I clearly remembered the face I had seen under street lamp. Specially the expression. Yes, Same face. Same shirt.How is it possible? There was no other way the man would come again on main road in 5 mins and met accident. Then?? I felt cold. Who was he then? The ghost? the spirit? Have I seen a dead man walking? It was very creepy. I prayed to GOD for peace of his soul. It took around 1 hour to make everything clear. Police came to take the body and clear the road and I took the next bus and reached my friend's house at around 12 midnight.

It was an unforgettable moment in my life. I still know that what I have seen was true but I don't have any explanation till today.

I went there many a times after that but never felt such kind of creepy experience again.
This was the one true paranormal phenomena I experienced in my life.

Written and shared by - Aakash Sen

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Top 10 Classic Halloween Horror Movies, Scary? LOL

while searching on internet, I found a list of top 10 scariest Halloween horror movies. Watch out this Halloween horror movie clip including Hannibal Lecter, The Joker, Michael Myers, Jason, Chucky, Freddy, Saw, Leatherface and decide whether these are top 10 scariest Halloween horror movies or not. But what I have found that I can't say these the scariest Halloween horror movies rather I would like to say all time top 10 classic Halloween horror movies. check out this Halloween horror video and decide.

If you want to hear some scary Halloween horror sounds and music then listen to this video. This is no doubt a good collection of scary Halloween horror sound and music that is great for any Halloween party.

Monday, September 28, 2009

2012 End Of the World,2012 Doomsday, December 2012, 2012 prophecy, 2012 predictions, Mayan 2012, nibiru 2012 | Odds And Ends

For metaphysical and cosmological predictions centered on December 21, 2012, see 2012 phenomenon. For the 2009 film by Roland Emmerich, see 2012 (film). ...
2012, 2012 ? End Of the World?,2012 Doomsday, December 2012, 2012 prophecy, 2012 predictions, Mayan 2012, nibiru 2012 | Odds And Ends

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Paranormal Freak, Paranormal Activity - Fans Screaming For New Movie

Ten years ago, moviegoers were frightened out of their minds by "The Blair Witch Project." Will the newly released screamfest "Paranormal Activity" have the same effect? Early search interest points to "yes."

The film is shot documentary style (but is scripted, like "Blair Witch"), and concerns a couple who may have a poltergeist in their home. They're dubious at first, but quickly modify their tunes after "things" start happening. But by then is it late? After all, horror movies have a tendency to punish doubters as much as amorous teenagers.

Two of the things that makes "Paranormal Activity" distinctive is its release schedule. Right now, the film is only being screened in a handful of theaters. However, if moviegoers make enough noise and bug the studio bigwigs, the film may receive a wider release. Wisely, the filmmakers have made it easy for fans to voice their demand. A visit to the movie's official site leads to a form that goes to theater owners. Power to the people.

And then there is the trailer -- "Paranormal Activity" did something distinctive in that the trailer aims the camera at a special sneak preview audience reacting to what they're seeing on screen. The moviegoers scream, jump, and generally turn in to blubbering messes of terror. It is what every horror fan wants to see.

Lookups on "paranormal activity" are up a whopping 450% this week, and related queries on "paranormal activity trailer" are also trending upwards. Feeling heroic? You can watch it for yourself below...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Scariest horror movie scenes

Watch this scary video - a compilation of scary horror movie scenes. Creepy.

Clown horror scenes - Scariest Movie Villains: Pennywise the Clown

Watch out this Clown horror scenes - Scariest Movie Villains: Pennywise the Clown

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ghost Paranormal, psychic phenomena, Ghost paranormal fear

Ghost Paranormal is an umbrella term that is used to refer strange happenings or experiences that either lacks or has no obvious scientific explanation. In terms of the science of parapsychology, the term Ghost Paranormal is used to describe the potentially psychic phenomena of extra-sensory perception, telepathy, psycho kinesis, ghosts and haunting. The term is also applied to talk about the UFOs, some of the creatures that fall under the scope of crypto zoology, purported phenomena surrounding the Bermuda Triangle and various other non-psychical subjects. Stories that relates to Ghost Paranormal phenomena are very common in popular culture and folklore, but some organizations such as the United States National Science Foundation or the USNSF have also stated that mainstream science does not support Ghost Paranormal beliefs.

Approaching the Ghost Paranormal occurrence from a research point of view is often very difficult because even when the phenomena are seen as real they may not be easy to explain using existing rules or theory. By definition, Ghost Paranormal phenomena exist outside of conservative norms. Cynics challenge that they do not exist at all. In spite of this challenge, studies on the Ghost Paranormal are from time to time conducted by researchers from various disciplines and filed of walks. Some researchers study just the beliefs in Ghost Paranormal phenomena regardless of whether the phenomena actually exist.

This section deals with various approaches to the Ghost Paranormal, including those scientific, pseudoscientific and unscientific. Skeptics feel that supposed scientific approaches are actually pseudoscientific for several reasons

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ghost of king Henry VIII's last wife Catherine Parr haunts Robin Williams

Robin Williams is being haunted by the ghost of king Henry VIII's last wife Catherine Parr, while he was sharing with her girlfriend Ayda the seven million pound mansion of Catherine Parr, the infamous British monarch's sixth and final spouse in Wiltshire, South West England. He felt the presence of her spirit there in the mansion.

He explained: "I think there are ghosts. I haven't seen or heard anything. I've definitely felt something but it's not scary. I'm very, very pleased to say.

"It's Catherine's Parr's old house. In fact, we're actually not in the old house, we're in her barn."

Robbie and Ayda moved from Los Angeles to Britain earlier this year to prepare for his musical comeback.

Robbie said: "I can't even believe that a 35-year old me has bought a 500-year-old place. Because at 26 or 27 there's no way that I would have chosen to be there or go anywhere near it.

"But it's lovely and the people have been great with us."

It's not the first time Robbie's house has been linked to paranormal activity.

The star reportedly purchased the property because it is crossed with 'ley lines' - invisible energy routes believed to attract aliens.

Robbie is "obsessed" with extra-terrestrials, and claims to have seen three UFOs during his lifetime.

Cemeteries, Famous Cemeteries, World's Most Famous Cemeteries

Every major city has some kind of grandiose graveyard/cemetery. We often stumble upon these "cities of the dead" in our travels - usually a centuries-old swath of walled greenery and limestone on the outskirts of the city, thick leafy trees droop over mismatched rickety headstones and larger-than-life sculptures of angels beckon us in. In the 19th century, before the age of the public park, cemeteries doubled as leisurely places for families to spend the day relaxing and eating in the tranquil landscape.

And while the park has become the de rigueur destination for outdoor leisure, the unlikely allure of the cemetery persists. But graveyard-goers have a different motivation: to dive in to an atmosphere that's both woebegone and placid, a place that offers a harmonious blend of nature and art, history and horticulture all wrapped up in a contained space. And if that's not enough, a visit to our experts' favorite cemeteries ensures a celebrity sighting - in the form of a gravestone, of course - just about every time.

The ultimate cemetery as a tourist destination is Paris' Pere Lachaise. Most travelers put this 118-acre graveyard on their "must see" itinerary because of its famous inhabitants: Oscar Wilde, Edith Piaf, Honoré de Balzac, Marcel Proust, Alice B. Toklas, Richard Wright, and, of course, Jim Morrison. But for Marilyn Yalom, author of the recently published book "The American Resting Place: 400 Years of History Through Our Cemeteries and Burial Grounds," the significance of Paris' landmark graveyard is that it became the 19th-century archetype. "Pere Lachaise is and was the model for all the rural cemeteries built in the United States from 1831 on," says Yalom. "It was the first big cemetery outside the city walls of Paris. And this was the first time when cemeteries were just making the transition between inner-city cemetery to garden or rural cemetery."

The first Pere Lachaise-like cemetery in United States - and still today one of the most beautiful - was Mt. Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, Mass. "I love to walk there," says Yalom, who notes that Mt. Auburn is one of her favorites among the hundreds she's visited. "I love to see the trees and so many famous writers and thinkers are buried there." Buckminster Fuller, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and B.F. Skinner are a few of the longtime inhabitants.

For Jon Berendt, author of the best-selling books "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" and "City of Falling Angels," cemeteries have a philosophical significance. "Cemeteries are fascinating," he says. "They're a living representation of the culture, the history, the passion of the civilization that deposits its dead there; they're a spiritual link to the past." For that reason, Berendt says he always stops by the local cemetery when he's researching a book. "If you really want to get into the history and the people and the famous families, go to the cemetery."

And that's exactly what he did when he first moved to Venice to pen "City of Falling Angels." Venice's main cemetery, San Michele, located on an island a few minutes via vaparetto from Venice, is nicknamed the "isle of the dead." It's best appreciated for what's not there: living bodies. When Saint Mark's Square fills up with masses of tourists, San Michele is the place for peace and quiet. "It's mystical and evocative," says Berendt, mentioning the crammed-together headstones and the tall cypress trees (an obligatory staple for any Italian cemetery). "And you can see the graves of Ezra Pound, Igor Stravinsky and Joseph Brodsky."

The Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague may not boast any names you've heard of, but this burial ground from the 15th century is one of most haunting cemeteries on the planet. The 12,000 corpses crammed into a block-long space have forced the tall thin gravestones to slant in all directions. It also happens to be a favorite of award-winning Irish author John Banville, who penned a travel book about the Czech capital, "Prague Pictures: A Portrait of the City." "I suppose a large part of the fascination of the Old Jewish Cemetery," says Banville, "is how it is wedged into the modern city, a memento mori and a memento vitae. And of course, it is one of the saddest and eeriest urban sites I know."

In Buenos Aires, there may be one grave - that of Eva Peron - which draws countless tourists to La Recoleta Cemetery, but Tony Perrottet says the real lure is the of the entire place. "Really, the journey to Peron's tomb is the most stunning part of La Recoleta," says the author of "Napoleon's Privates: 2500 Years of History Unzipped." When Perrottet worked as a foreign correspondent, he'd often spend time here for a little tranquility as well as the elegance of the place. "You walk past these giant marble angels and statues of children that had been plucked from their mother's side cruelly by fate. I think the ambiance of the place is very alluring."

Back on American soil, the most famous cemetery in the country is Arlington National Cemetery. Marilyn Yalom says it is not to be missed. "There's a different reason why someone would come here than, say, Pere Lachaise," she says of the massive burial ground just outside of Washington, D.C. "People go there to see the grave of John F. Kennedy, but with the graves of some 360,000 veterans, there's nothing else like it in the United States. You cannot help but have a sense of American history and patriotism."

Less famous, but just as haunting is New Orleans' St. Louis #1 Cemetery. Founded in 1789 just outside of the French Quarter, this graveyard might be one of the most evocative in the United States. "Most people are drawn to cemeteries like St. Louis because our burial customs are different from those practiced in other parts of the country," says Lora Williams, the programs coordinator for the Big Easy-based Save Our Cemeteries. And she's right: the jumbled aboveground tombs look like little houses, giving new meaning to the term "city of the dead." The cemetery was made famous when it had appeared in the 1969 Dennis Hopper film "Easy Rider," and it's been one of the United States' most iconic and favorite cemeteries every since.

The Unexplainable Store- Astral Projection Meditation Manifestation Sleep Lucid Dream Esp Chakra Psychic Creativity Dna Endorphin Health Motivation Prosperity Relaxation Weight Loss Hypnosis Memory Telepathy Remote Viewing Past Life Reg.

Monday, August 31, 2009

The Bloodstain: ghost story, paranormal fear

The Bloodstain

The Phelps place was an old, abandoned property with a monstrous, decrepit Victorian house that was supposed to be haunted. It should have been a good resting place for the local deer hunters, but they would not go near it. A few that tried came away before midnight with tales of ghostly thumping noises, gasps, moans, and a terrible wet bloodstain that appeared on the floor of the front porch and could not be wiped away.

Phelps was an Englishman who had purchased land some 20 miles off the Mendocino coast in the 1880s. He had built a huge, fancy Victorian house all covered with gingerbread trimmings and surrounded by lovely gardens. When everything was arranged to his liking, he sent out party invitations to everyone within messenger range. It was the biggest social event of the year, with music and dancing and huge amounts of food. Sawhorse tables were set up with refreshments, and drinks were set out on the front porch. People came from miles around. The only one missing was old man McInturf's son-in-law. They had had a terrible fight that afternoon, and the boy had stalked off in a rage, threatening to get even with the old man.

Around midnight, the musicians took a recess and old man McInturf went out on the front porch with some friends. Suddenly there came the thunder of hooves rushing up the lane. A cloaked figure rode towards the lantern-lit porch. McInturf put down his drink. "That will be my son-in-law," he told his friends as he went down the steps. The cloaked figure stopped his horse just outside the pool of lantern-light. There was a sharp movement and two loud shots from a gun. Old man McInturf staggered backwards, shot in the throat and the chest. The cloaked man wheeled his horse and fled down the lane as friends ran to the assistance of the old man.

They laid McInturf down on the porch. He was bleeding heavily and they were afraid to move him much. There was some talk of fetching the doctor, but everyone knew it was too late. So much blood was pouring from the old man's wounds that it formed a pool underneath his head. McInturf coughed, once, twice; a hideous, gurgling, strangling sound that wrenched at the hearts of all who heard it. Then he died.

McInturf's body was laid out on the sofa, and the once-merry guests left in stricken silence. The servants came and wiped the red-brown bloodstain off the floorboards. The next day, a wagon was brought to the front of the house and McInturf's body was carried out onto the porch. As the men stepped across the place where McInturf had died, blood began to pool around their boots, forming a wet stain in exactly the pattern that had been wiped up by the servants the night before. The men gasped in fear. One of them staggered and almost dropped the body. They hurriedly laid McInturf in the back of the wagon, and a pale Phelps ordered the servants to clean up the fresh bloodstain.

From that day forward, the Phelps could not keep that part of the porch clean. Every few weeks, the damp bloodstain would reappear. They tried repainting the porch a few times, but the bloodstain would always leak through. In the county jail, McInturf's son-in-law died of a blood clot in the brain. A few months later, one of the Phelps servants went mad after seeing a "terrible sight" that made his head feel like it was going to explode. Folks started saying the house was being haunted by the ghost of McInturf, seeking revenge. The property was resold several times but each resident was driven out by the terrible, gasping ghost of McInturf reliving his last moments and by the bloodstain that could not be removed from the porch. The house was eventually abandoned.

Army of the Dead - the story

Army of the Dead

A laundress, shortly moved to Charleston after the Civil War, found herself awakened at the stroke of twelve each night by the rumble of heavy wheels passing in the street. But she lived on a dead end street, and had no explanation for the noise. Her husband would not allow her to look out the window when she heard the sounds, telling her to leave well enough alone. Finally, she asked the woman who washed at the tub next to hers. The woman said: "What you are hearing is the Army of the Dead. They are Confederate soldiers who died in hospital without knowing that the war was over. Each night, they rise from their graves and go to reinforce Lee in Virginia to strengthen the weakened Southern forces."

The next night, the laundress slipped out of bed to watch the Army of the Dead pass. She stood spell-bound by the window as a gray fog rolled past. Within the fog, she could see the shapes of horses, and could hear gruff human voices and the rumble of canons being dragged through the street, followed by the sound of marching feet. Foot soldiers, horsemen, ambulances, wagons and canons passed before her eyes, all shrouded in gray. After what seemed like hours, she heard a far off bugle blast, and then silence.

When the laundress came out of her daze, she found one of her arms was paralyzed. She has never done a full days washing since.

20 best tips on ghost hunting, Ghost hunting tips

1. Never go alone to hunt a ghost. Take along a partner, a friend or a few people for safety and peace of mind.
2. Do not forget to say a prayer of protection before and after a ghost hunt. This would stop those darned ghosts following you home.
3. Make sure all your equipments are fully charged and that you have a few extra batteries with you. Ghosts have the ability to exhaust fully charged instruments.
4. Do not walk into an area snapping pictures right off the bat. Give those ghosts that are present some time to get used to you.
5. Be aware of the surroundings for the sake of safety. For best results, always take a walk in daylight before doing a nighttime investigation. The other option would be to show up just before dark (dusk) and have a look around before starting.
6. As a ghost hunter you must do an investigation before you ghost hunt with the best of feelings for those ghosts that might be present. In other words, full respect for the living and the dead.
7. Above all - NO HORSE PLAY! A serious and conscientious ghost hunter gets results.
8. Large groups should split up into smaller groups of four individuals or less per team.
9. If you are scientifically minded take along a notebook to record significant occurrences. Begin by logging in the starting time and weather conditions etc. Also make note of surrounding lights so as to not bewilder them with irregularity later on in the pictures. Record all meter anomalies, strange sounds, sightings and feeling or emotions. Each group should take their own notes and compare afterwards.
10. Do not show fear or get scared. A gracious ghost will not come around if they sense you are fearful. Yet your fear can have a mischievous ghost feeding on that fear.
11. Always remember, you are the one with the body, and you are the one with the power. Don't give up your power to them through fear.
12. Keep in mind that a lot of the places you will be investigating will be isolated. Because of this you should always bring along some form of defense. I suggest pepper spray or a stun gun. This will also protect you from bad people as well as bad ghosts.
13. If you are planning to take pictures, be sure and read a lot about Ghost photography.
14. If you feel that some unknown forces wants you out of there then by all means get out! You should never go against these feelings or you could end up messing up.
15. Never dare an invisible presence to make itself known to you. However, it is wiser to ask those present if you can take their picture or record their voice.
16. Make sure you have authorization before entering a private property such as a cemetery or an abandoned house. This can be alluring for a ghost hunter but just remember this though, when you are caught niggling around it makes the ghost hunting community as a whole look bad. You can also be fined or jailed.
17. Use EMF meters. These can be quite helpful in locating ghostly presences.
18. Ghost voices are referred to as EVP (electronic voice phenomena). Take along an audio recorder and as you are recording ask questions to those invisible beings that might be in the area. Pause for an answer. It's also a good idea to ask some questions and then leave the device recording in a remote location for around 20 minutes or so. When you come back you might have your replies!
19. Make a check list of the equipments you need to carry.
20. End a ghost hunt or investigation by evoking the power of God as a protection. "All unseen presences must remain here in the name of God".

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Scary and creepy : Scary scene while taking shower

Watch out this scary snippet from the scary movie "The Grudge"

A very scary picture : Eyes

Here it is ! Another scary picture. Look at the eyes with concentration. While sleep in the dark in your bedroom, if you suddenly open your eyes and look at the ceiling, you'll see these eyes just leaning over you at night!!

See scariest picture on internet

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Earlier definitions of paranormal beliefs

The terms magical, paranormal, supernatural, and religious beliefs as well as superstition are often used non-synonymously. Researchers have traditionally spoken of magical thinking with regard to primitive tribes and children (Frazer, 1922/1963; Lévy- Bruhl, 1949/1975). Magic has also been characterized as a socially shared phenomenon, in contrast to individual-level superstitions (Mauss, 1950/2001), which have primarily been thought to include amulets, rituals, and omens (e.g., Keinan, 2002). Instead, the term paranormal has most often been used on agents such as ghosts and extraterrestrials and on people’s claimed abilities such as psychokinesis and telepathy (e.g., Rice, 2003).

Sometimes a difference has been made between paranormal and supernatural beliefs, as religious people have disclaimed paranormal beliefs outside of Christian doctrine but have supported doctrinal supernatural beliefs such as belief in the efficacy of prayer (Beck & Miller, 2001). Further, religious beliefs have been noted to differ from paranormal beliefs on the grounds that faith in religious beliefs does not require empirical proof (Stark, 2001; Woolley, 1997).

There are numerous definitions for magical and paranormal beliefs and superstitions, none of which are adequate. Among the most influential definitions of magical thinking are the laws of sympathetic magic. These two laws, the law of similarity and the law of contagion, were originally enunciated by early anthropologists (Frazer, 1922/1963; Mauss, 1950/2001; Tylor, 1871/1974). In the last couple of decades, American psychologists Rozin and Nemero ff have shown how these laws are expressed in the thoughts and behavior o f contemporary Western people (reviews: Nemeroff & Rozin, 2000; Rozin & Nemeroff, 1990). The law of similarity is in effect when an image is regarded as the object it represents or appearance is regarded as reality.

Examples of present day beliefs and behavior that obey the law of similarity are belief in the efficacy of tearing up a photo of a person to harm him or her, and disgust reaction toward eating
chocolate fudge in the shape of dog feces. The law of contagion is in effect when something in even minimal contact is believed to have a lasting contagious impact on the contacted object or person. Examples of the law of contagion are reluctance to drink one’s own saliva in fear of getting polluted or to use a clean sweater previously worn by a morally dubious person such as a convicted murderer. Contagion may also be positive, as in the case of possessing an object previously owned by a celebrity, but positive contagion is felt less strongly than negative contamination (Nemeroff & Rozin, 1994).

Belief in magical contagion has been shown to be highly resistant to change, even after efforts at purifying the contaminated object (Hejmadi, Rozin, & Siegal, 2004; Nemeroff & Rozin, 1994). The magical laws cover verbal claims as well as emotional and behavioral reactions: Believers themselves may consider their thoughts irrational but emotion and behavior can overcome knowledge (Rozin, Millman, & Nemeroff, 1986).

For example, knowing that there is no real danger of contagion in eating one’s favorite soup which has been stirred with a brand new fly swatter still makes the soup appear disgusting and contaminated to many. Magical contagion has been differentiated from real life contagion in that the array o f contagious t hings, their amounts, and their ways of contagion have been considered to be much broader in magical contagion (Nemeroff & Rozin, 2000). In this definition, however, the line between magical and real contagion is blurry and thus a belief may later turn out to be scientifically valid as happened in the case of germ theory. Neither is this definition intended to explain the difference – if there is one – between magical beliefs and paranormal beliefs and

In their definition of magical beliefs or superstitions, some researchers have emphasized that the beliefs include a concrete act towards a definite purpose (Campbell, 1996; Malinowski, 1948/1984; Stark, 2001). Examples of these are avoidance of number 13 and crossing one’s fingers. This kind of definition leaves many superstitions and paranormal beliefs outside, as there is no act included in, for example, belief in witches.

Some researchers have defined magical thinking as violation of everyday causal principles that depend on folk physics and psychology (Bolton, Dearsley, Madronal- Luque, & Baron-Cohen, 2002). Along similar lines, magical thinking has been characterized as correlational thinking coupled with a search for meaningful connections (Shweder, 1977). Paranormal beliefs that fulfill these kinds of definitions are, for example, beliefs in lunacy and in the effectiveness of rain dances. However, all paranormal beliefs are not about causality: for example belief in the existence of ghosts does not necessarily mean belief in any magical causality.

Paranormal phenomena have also been defined as violating “our naive theories of the world” (Woolley, 1997) or “basic limiting principles which are commonly accepted either as self-evident or as established by overwhelming and uniformly favorable empirical evidence” (Broad, 1953). Superstitions have also been defined as groundless beliefs and practices that are inconsistent with the degree of enlightenment reached by scientists and the general public (Vyse, 1997). Unfortunately, “naive theories of the world” and “basic limiting principles” are left without a definition. Moreover, these definitions require each paranormal belief to be assessed in view of the believer’s knowledge level and the knowledge level of the culture the believer lives in.

Superstitious, magical, and paranormal beliefs have also been defined very broadly as irrational practices (Jahoda, 1970) or metaphysical beliefs (James & Wells, 2002). But these kinds of definitions do not differentiate paranormal beliefs from other false beliefs such as the belief that only genetically modified tomatoes include genes.

Yet superstitious, magical, paranormal, supernatural, and religious beliefs are at least partly overlapping. In effect, magical thinking has been asserted to be the basis of superstitions (Keinan, 2002; Zusne & Jones, 1989) and equivalent to paranormal beliefs (Brugger & Graves, 1997). The terms paranormal and supernatural are often used interchangeably (e.g., Randall & Desrosiers, 1980; Rice, 2003), and superstitions as well as religious beliefs have been conceptualized as part o f paranormal beliefs (Tobacyk & Milford, 1983).
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Monday, February 23, 2009

Paranormal : The Devil's Triangle, The Dragon's Triangle - Unexplained mysteries

Miyake Island from Kozu IslandImage via Wikipedia

The Devil's Triangle aka The Dragon's Triangle is located near Miyake Island, somewhat south of Tokyo and one of the corners touches Guam. This area of ocean there are missing ships, missing people, missing airplanes, USOs (Unidentified Submerged Objects), UFOs, thick menacing fog, strange waves, whirlpools, etc. What is really unusual is that on the exact opposite side is the Bermuda Triangle. Japan has declared the area of the Devil's Triangle a danger zone. It appears that areas of strange phenomenon such as the Dragon's Triangle is always associated with fog or mist. There might be a disturbance in the space/time continuum. Perhaps the fog and mist has something to do with paranormal anomalies of time slips or dimensional slips.
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Friday, February 20, 2009

The ghost of "Three Men And A Baby"

Paranormal phenomena also exist in the world of cinema. In a scene from the movie "Three Men And A Baby" shows the image of a boy who stares at the screen.

It is a fact that went unnoticed when the film was projected on the big screen but fired a series of debates when he arrived in the video clubs.

This is, perhaps, a subject known by some, but we want to be shown again here the paranormal phenomenon that according to some academics, it appears in an American film.

Is that a ghost can be seen in the movie "Three Men And A Baby? this is the shocking and extremely important issue prompted a debate in the United States. When this film was released, several years ago, this scene went unnoticed, and when put up for sale on video, was the moment where you have shot the comments on this sequence.
It is clearly visible next to a window, the figure of a child who has no logic that is there. The hypothetical ghost is located a few meters of the actors that act at that time and at the computer technician who was filming, and despite this, no one realized its presence. Paranormal phenomena scholars have analyzed the sequence and maintain that it is not a hoax.

Who is this child who appears in the window?
It is not known exactly. There are two different versions agree that it is a boy who died in the apartment where the movie was filmed. The first version says that the small andalusia died by falling into the same window that appears, the other version says that his death occurred as a result of a shot, so some see a shotgun in the first instants of the sequence.

Take 1 . . . . . .. . . . . Take 2

Take 3

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Salem's Lot - Horror Novel By Stephen King, Horror Movie, Creepy Movie

Salem's Lot is a 1975 horror novel written by Stephen King, and was the author's second published novel. The title King originally chose for his book was Second Coming, but he later decided on Jerusalem's Lot. The publishers, Doubleday, shortened it to the current title, thinking the author's choice sounded too religious.

The novel has been adapted into a television mini-series twice, first in 1979 and then in 2004. The novel was also adapted by the BBC as a seven part radio play in 1995.

"As it really is a wonderful and suspenseful vampire tale! Stephen King - not normally my favorite horror writer - has created one of the absolute BEST modern vampire tales in this story, and this mini-series translation is absolutely true to the feel of his tale! Instead of splatterfest effects , this show hinges itself on a high-tension spiderweb of plotlines and sets up the vampire more as a behind-the-scenes controlling evil."
By Eric J Carter from Maryland, USA

Ben Mears, a successful writer who grew up in the (fictional) town of Jerusalem's Lot, Cumberland County, Maine (or “The Lot”, as the locals call it), has returned home following the death of his wife. Once in town he meets local high school teacher Matt Burke and strikes up a romantic relationship with Susan Norton, a young college graduate.

Ben plans to write a book about the “Marsten House”, an abandoned mansion that gave him nightmares after a bad experience with it as a child. The Marsten House was the home of '30s Gangster Hubert Marsten. Hubert, or "Hubie" was a hitman who specialized in rather unsavory hits. Hubie's profession intersected with his personal life and after his suicide, it was discovered he was responsible for the deaths of several children. Unbeknownst to Ben and his new friends, the Marsten House is about to be inhabited by the vampire Kurt Barlow. It is later revealed that Hubie Marsten had in fact communicated with the erstwhile Barlow, and that in the course of their correspondence Marsten may have extended to Barlow the necessary invitation to come to 'Salem's Lot.

Mears discovers that the Marsten House has been bought by a Mr. Straker and a Mr. Barlow, appearing as a pair of businessmen who are opening an antique store in town, although only the tall, bald Mr Straker has yet been seen in public. Their arrival coincides with the disappearance of a young boy, Ralphie Glick, and the suspicious death of his brother Danny. Over the course of the book, the town is slowly taken over by vampires, reducing it to a ghost town by day as they sleep.

Ben and Susan are joined by Matt Burke and his doctor Jimmy Cody, along with a young boy named Mark Petrie and the local priest, Father Callahan, in an effort to stop the vampires from dominating the town. When Mark Petrie and Susan break and enter into the Marsten House, they are found and taken prisoner by Mr. Straker. Mark is able to wound Straker (who is eventually killed by the master vampire Barlow for failing his duties), but Susan is captured by Barlow before Mark has a chance to rescue her. When Mark returns to the others, the characters begin to run into several unfortunate tragedies. Susan, while held hostage by Barlow, becomes a vampire herself, and is sent (unsuccessfully) after Mark Petrie, before being left by Barlow in the cellar of the Marsten House with a note daring his adversaries to kill her. Father Callahan is caught by Barlow at the Petrie house, and after killing Mark's parents, forces Callahan to throw away his cross in return for Mark's life. Barlow forces Callahan to drink blood from his own neck, corrupting his soul so that he can no longer even approach a church, and driving the ex-priest to flee the town. Finally, Jimmy Cody is killed when he falls into a dark basement and is impaled by knife traps set by Barlow, while Matt Burke dies from a heart attack in the nearby hospital.

In the end Ben and young Mark Petrie succeed in destroying the master vampire Barlow, but, lucky to escape with their lives, are forced to leave the town to the crop of newly created vampires. The novel's prologue, which is set shortly after the end of the story proper, describes Ben and Mark's flight across the country to a seaside town in Mexico, where they stop to recover from their ordeal.

An epilogue has the two returning to the town a year later, intending to renew the battle. Ben, knowing that there are too many hiding places for the town's vampires, sets some underbrush on fire in an attempt to destroy as many homes as possible thus making the vampires easier to hunt. The Marsten House serves as an eventual pyre when it is burned down by Mark Petrie and Ben Mears.

"...the Lot's knowledge of the country's torment was academic. Time went on a different schedule there. Nothing too nasty could happen in such a nice little town. Not there."
- Salem's Lot, Stephen King