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Friday, February 20, 2009

The ghost of "Three Men And A Baby"

Paranormal phenomena also exist in the world of cinema. In a scene from the movie "Three Men And A Baby" shows the image of a boy who stares at the screen.

It is a fact that went unnoticed when the film was projected on the big screen but fired a series of debates when he arrived in the video clubs.

This is, perhaps, a subject known by some, but we want to be shown again here the paranormal phenomenon that according to some academics, it appears in an American film.

Is that a ghost can be seen in the movie "Three Men And A Baby? this is the shocking and extremely important issue prompted a debate in the United States. When this film was released, several years ago, this scene went unnoticed, and when put up for sale on video, was the moment where you have shot the comments on this sequence.
It is clearly visible next to a window, the figure of a child who has no logic that is there. The hypothetical ghost is located a few meters of the actors that act at that time and at the computer technician who was filming, and despite this, no one realized its presence. Paranormal phenomena scholars have analyzed the sequence and maintain that it is not a hoax.

Who is this child who appears in the window?
It is not known exactly. There are two different versions agree that it is a boy who died in the apartment where the movie was filmed. The first version says that the small andalusia died by falling into the same window that appears, the other version says that his death occurred as a result of a shot, so some see a shotgun in the first instants of the sequence.

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Mike and Julie said...

Hey!! Great blog!! I've always found this scene from Three Men and Baby interesting. I for one believe it is a ghost! But there are those people out there who claim it is a cardboard cutout of Ted Danson! I say no way!! lol. I actually was going to write a blog about this on our paranormal blog! you should check us out sometime!! We write about anything above the norm like ghosts, aliens, bigfoot! its fun! I will add you to our bloglist!