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Monday, September 28, 2009

Paranormal Freak, Paranormal Activity - Fans Screaming For New Movie

Ten years ago, moviegoers were frightened out of their minds by "The Blair Witch Project." Will the newly released screamfest "Paranormal Activity" have the same effect? Early search interest points to "yes."

The film is shot documentary style (but is scripted, like "Blair Witch"), and concerns a couple who may have a poltergeist in their home. They're dubious at first, but quickly modify their tunes after "things" start happening. But by then is it late? After all, horror movies have a tendency to punish doubters as much as amorous teenagers.

Two of the things that makes "Paranormal Activity" distinctive is its release schedule. Right now, the film is only being screened in a handful of theaters. However, if moviegoers make enough noise and bug the studio bigwigs, the film may receive a wider release. Wisely, the filmmakers have made it easy for fans to voice their demand. A visit to the movie's official site leads to a form that goes to theater owners. Power to the people.

And then there is the trailer -- "Paranormal Activity" did something distinctive in that the trailer aims the camera at a special sneak preview audience reacting to what they're seeing on screen. The moviegoers scream, jump, and generally turn in to blubbering messes of terror. It is what every horror fan wants to see.

Lookups on "paranormal activity" are up a whopping 450% this week, and related queries on "paranormal activity trailer" are also trending upwards. Feeling heroic? You can watch it for yourself below...

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