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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A paranormal story - My true creepy ghost experience - Ghost? Spirit? What's it?

It is a true paranormal experience in my life. I am sharing this true creepy story with you. when I think about it I still feel strange. I don't know even what to say it, a ghost? a Spirit? Well, let me explain in brief what I had seen that day.

It was a dark night while I was going to one of my friend's house in a remote village . He was a friend of mine when I was very young and stayed in my maternal uncle's house in that same village. We met after a long time and after some fun and chitchat he invited me to come to his house one day. I decided to go there in weekend thinking that it would be of fun because I can again spend some nice moments together plus I could visit my maternal uncle's house too. I started on Friday after office.

It was around 9 PM then when I was in station. It takes at least 1 hour more to reach that village by bus or jeep. From station to bus stop there was a short cut route beside the rail line. I took that way since I was quite familiar with that route. That night was pitch black. Only a few road lamps were there though very dim and the polls were in long gap.I was in a good mood. Taking a cigarette in my hand I was walking down the lane. Not a single person was there on road that time apart from a few street dogs. After a while I have seen a person wearing a off white full shirt and a dark trouser coming towards me from the opposite end. While passing by close, I somehow noticed him in the street dim light but felt quite strange seeing his facial expression.
It was strangely dumb, strange sadness was there and somehow he was in hurry.

I thought let him ask about the timing of next bus as he was coming from the bus stop so I asked him " Hello, can you tell me the timing of the next bus?" he strangely looked at me in a pale face and whispered something that I could not hear and went away very quickly.

I was in big doubt but all my doubts have gone clear soon. There was a sharp turn just a few steps ahead and walking along the road, you will reach the bus stop soon. Feeling a bit odd, I walked quickly and reached the bus stop in next 3-4 minutes.

I saw a crowd there. I was curious to know what's the matter and suddenly I saw the same man lying on the road spot dead ran over by a bus. I was shocked and stunned. I asked the people about the time of accident and they answered that it happened approx 20 mins back.

I recalculated. I have seen the same man just 5 mins back. Yes the same man. No error. I clearly remembered the face I had seen under street lamp. Specially the expression. Yes, Same face. Same shirt.How is it possible? There was no other way the man would come again on main road in 5 mins and met accident. Then?? I felt cold. Who was he then? The ghost? the spirit? Have I seen a dead man walking? It was very creepy. I prayed to GOD for peace of his soul. It took around 1 hour to make everything clear. Police came to take the body and clear the road and I took the next bus and reached my friend's house at around 12 midnight.

It was an unforgettable moment in my life. I still know that what I have seen was true but I don't have any explanation till today.

I went there many a times after that but never felt such kind of creepy experience again.
This was the one true paranormal phenomena I experienced in my life.

Written and shared by - Aakash Sen